Thursday, May 6, 2010

Horse Addiction: A Picture Perfect Bright Spot!

I get teased by my friends all the time because I "collect" horses. Other people collect rare coins, stamps, or other valuable items.

Me? I collect horses.

I got teased worse than ever this past week because I had two people make offers on my two best horses: Walker and Samantha.

Walker is a gelding I bought for reining, but ended up being my heel horse for team roping. He's just now getting healthy and happy, having overcome a bunch of health issues not to mention a total phobia of ropes and lariats. Nope, not selling him 'cause I'm having too much fun learning to rope on him.

Samantha is both my best jumper and my hubby's babysitter horse. She's also come through numerous issues, including horse ulcers and a major fear of things "touching her." Hubby won't sell her.

What's that leave me with? Three horses who aren't quite "there" yet.

Three "In Progress" Horses
That leaves me with three horses who are still "works in progress," sort of. That is to say, Valentine, my big grulla mustang mare, is very well trained. She jumps (when she wants to), team pens, does ranch sorting, and is learning to rope. Only, she's a way out there competitive opinionated mare ... and she doesn't get along with very many people. She's a Wood horse personality type, and they can be difficult to ride. I've given up jumping her, but my neighbor is learning to rope on her.

That leaves Fezzywig, my warmblood roach-backed horse, and Reyacita, the buckskin mustang mare with COPD. Neither of those are ready to move into new homes because they still need lots of training and lots of horse health care.

So our horse herd still has five horses. Oh well ... as I look out my kitchen window (pictured above) I always see horses. To me, they are a "picture perfect" bright spot in otherwise chaotic times.

Sure, they eat like maniacs and cost a lot to keep around, but they sure keep my spirits high and keep me busy. I'm too busy trimming hooves, throwing hay, mixing up their food, training them, and keeping them out of trouble to get upset about all the crazy things happening in the world.

Plus, these five equines are also my walking advertisements for holistic horse care. They show the world, like no humans can, how healthy fruit juice and Eleviv, plus blue-green algae products, can create vibrant health naturally. And since I make my living in large part from marketing these products, I gotta say that the herd earns its keep!

If you want to learn how to turn your equine companion into a walking advertisement, shoot me an email and I'll tell ya. It sure goes a long way toward supporting a horse addiction!

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  1. I hear you. It is hard to be on a budget when you have horses but they do save on bills with the therapist. Madalyn

  2. Hey Madalyn ... totally. I'd far rather sit on the back of a horse than on the couch of a therapist! Cheers, Stephanie