Thursday, July 8, 2010

Colorado Zen Cowgirl Moves to California - Yikes!

Having put down deep roots in Olathe, Colorado for more than a decade, this zen cowgirl is now looking at ripping those roots out and moving to the big bad state of California currently governed by ex-Terminator dude ("I'll be back!") Arnold.

Wow ... that's a lot to swallow.

If you have ever owned a farm, even a small 5-acre spread like we have, then you know that pulling up roots and moving 1,100 miles across the country is pretty close to insane. You see farms, even micro-farms, have tons of outbuildings, and after a decade most of those outbuildings are overflowing with stuff (mostly known as junk).

The thought of going through all that dusty, dirty, cobwebby stuff is about as appealing as swallowing a spider whole. Ick! And yet it's got to be done, and in 60 days, no less. That's the stressful news.

The good news is that we are moving out to a fabulous four-acre horse property in Redwood Valley, CA with quick access to trails, roping, hunter/jumper, and possibly even some ranch sorting and team penning.

Animals Gone Wild
Our two horses, one cat, and five horses have, of course, picked up on the fact that something is up. One dog has gone lame and is hobbling around on three legs. The horses are stressed and showing it; I recently took Walker, my good rope horse, to a team sorting event and he totally fried his brains. Reyacita knows she isn't going to California with me and has started coughing a bit as a result of her stress and uncertainty. I keep telling her I will find her a good home, but she is taking this abandonment personally. So here's what I'm doing to keep the "stress vibe" at a minimum during our packing and moving:

Dogs: Both dogs are getting double-doses of Simplexity Essentials daily, plus Stemplex and ImmuSun. The probiotics in the Essentials will keep them calm, while the blue-green algae will provide a strong nutritional foundation. The Stemplex will help the three-legged dog heal while preventing further injury. Finally, the ImmuSun will kick-start the dogs' immune system in preparation for entering the flea-ridden state of California. We don't have fleas here in the high country of Colorado so the dogs will definitely need more protection.

Cat: Ditto the dog's program, just without the Stemplex because she doesn't like the taste.

Horses: Every horses is getting double doses of the horse goo. Reyacita is back on a regimen of 2 Eleviv of day to relieve the cough. She will also be getting the homeopathic remedy Ignatia to help her adjust emotionally to the changes of having a new home. During the actual hauling from Colorado to California, the horses who are going will get extra horse goo, enzymes and probiotics, plus Eleviv to help them handle the stress.

No doubt the entire journey, from packing to moving to finally arriving in California will be a real adventure. But with the strong nutritional support and occasional homeopathic assists I believe all the animals will settle into their new homes, whether here in Colorado or off in California, in fine fashion. This has always worked well for me in the past, and I don't see why it shouldn't offer the same great results this time.

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  1. Hope you have a good move and especially hope you find a kind & loving family for your horse. So sad....