Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are You or Your Horse a Wacky Whack Job? This Ebook is For You!

I'm definitely a wacko and some of my horses are, at the very least, borderline wacky. I use "lotions and potions," not to mention bodywork and "intention" to heal my horses' various ailments. Yup, lots of my neighbors here in cowboy country think I'm a wee wacky.

My horses? Yeah, they are just a bit wacky, too. Walker, my soon-to-be rope horse, is perfectly happy to have me throw the rope and coil it back in ... as long as he doesn't have to look at rope (ever hear of a blind rope horse?).

One of my mustang mares gets COPD if she doesn't have a consistent job ... even if that "job" is being tied to the trailer for 30 minutes a day. And Fezzywig, my roach-backed gelding, has a giant hump in his back, but at least he's mentally sound.

The Natural Solutions Ebook
In any case, I wrote up a little ebook of 4 case studies on whacked-out wacky horses, humans, and dogs. If you, your horse, your dog, or any member of your "family" is just a little wacky, you might want to check out this ebook. It's got lots of fun tips and natural solutions, and will, at the very least, bring a smile to your face.

Specifically, this ebook addresses how to heal physical ailments that we (or our horses) develop which also have an emotional component.

That applies to most people in the world right now. As for horses, even the happiest horse living in the happiest home can suffer from a little wackiness if he isn't in quite the right job or being managed in a certain way. And for those of you who rescue Chihuahuas, there's a case study for how to heal that endless nervous shivering these little dogs are so prone to.

In any case, this ebook is free so please go ahead and download it to check it out. If you feel inclined, please share your thoughts with me as well ... I love hearing from other whack-jobs out there!

Download the Ebook Here
Natural Solutions for Out of Whack, Whacked Out, or Plain Wacky Humans, Horses, and Critters

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  1. Wow, that's really interesting about the coconut oil! I think i'll try that.
    Great post!

  2. Let me know how it goes with the coconut oil. Lots of people have had good success with it, and I always like to know what works. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

    Zen Cowgirl